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Cleve Cheney

Cleve-Cheney Cleve Cheney:

Cleve Cheney,  hunting and environmental editor of Africa’s Bowhunter is a very well known figure in bow hunting and in conservation circles in South Africa. Cleve Cheney has been in conservation for 27 years, of which 20 years were spent with the National Parks Board – most of it in the Kruger National Park. During the time spent in the Kruger National Park Cleve culled no less than 50 elephants with a rifle and he has hunted most African game during culling operations.

Cleve has also been an avid bow hunter for 22 years and he has an extensive technical knowledge on bows, arrows and broadheads. Cleve is also an accomplished bowyer and has built many recurves over the years. He began offering bowhunting education courses more than 15 years ago. Until recently, Cleve was a lecturer at the South African Wildlife College where was a lecturer and instructor. He has a diploma in Nature Conservations and a MA degree in animal Physiology. Over the years Cleve has written more than a hundred articles on tracking, hunting, survival skills, and bow and rifle hunting. He started an 18 month long professional hunters course at the SA Wildlife College where he trained the first group of professional hunters.

Cleve has trained many bow hunters and his educative articles on how to hunt African game, as well as many other articles on different aspects of archery bow hunting an bush skills has been published in Africa’s Bowhunter, Game and Hunt magazine, Universal Hunter and many other magazines. He has been the lead article writer for Africa’s Bowhunter for more than 14 years.

His book on tracking, The Comprehensive Guide to Tracking: In-depth information on how to track animals and humans alike, is probably the most in-depth study on this subject available. For those who want to learn more than the basics, this book is a treasure trove of tracking information, insights, methods, and knowledge. The book is divided into logical sections: teaching yourself to track; understanding wildlife behavior; identification of tracks and signs; gait patterns and pressure release; blood trailing; tracking specific animals; track, stalk, and approach; bird, reptile, and invertebrate sign; man tracking; and dangers in the bush.

The "pod" revisited
Archery and bowhunting have an intriguing and fascinating history, writes Cleve Cheney. The bow has for thousands of years been an instrument of survival, a weapon of war and a means of recreation. It has progressed from being a bent stick to a highly sophisticated technological marvel of ingenuity... >> The "pod" revisited

A chip off the old block
Medic by profession – bowyer and survival specialist by passion. Hunt Cheney was born and raised in the Kruger National Park where the bush was home (Figure 1). In the company of his father he learnt bush skills and the ways of the wild from a very early age and by the time he reached his teens he was an accomplished and very independent outdoorsman… Read more

Dangerous reptiles – precautions and avoidance
Hunting often takes place in remote areas far away from medical help. You don't want to be bitten by a venomous snake under these conditions – in the case of some snakes, such as neurotoxic cobras and mambas, you may not be able to get to professional medical care in time, making your chances of survival slim. It is wise, therefore, to be on the lookout for snakes and to avoid them as far as possible… Read more

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tuningSetup and tuning of recurves and longbows
The visual differences between a com-pound, recurve and longbow are obvious. As one delves deeper into the mysterious world of archery physics, the differences become even more pronounced. Com-pound bows operate to a very different set of parameters than those of recurve or longbows - Read more

Pathfinder 300-grain broadheads – as tough as nails and as good as gold!
I was recently sent a test sample of a Pathfinder broadhead produced by Paul Zimmerman. I was not born a sceptic or cynical, but have become one so and when he made certain claims about the product's potential I had my doubts… Read more

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In pursuit of the monarch
The greater kudu is arguably one of the most regal and majestic of African animals. Wily and ever alert, it presents one of bowhunting's great challenges. Elegant and imposing, a kudu bull with long spiralling horns is one of the most sought-after trophies for any hunter… Read more

Johny Snyman


Johnny Snyman

Johnny Snyman from Heartwood Bows is a well-known bowyer, traditional archer and bowhunter, who has been building fine longbows and recurves for more than a decade. Johnny has a vast knowledge of bow building, archery, bushcraft and survival skills. He has written many articles for African Archer as well as for Africa’s Bowhunter magazine. His bows are shot by many South Africans and by many archers in countries all over the world. Johnny has made bows for quite a few Hollywood productions such as The Sorcerer’s Apprentice, 10 000 BC, Doomsday, Scorpion King – Rise of the Akkadian, and Crusoe (NBC Mini Series – 2008). Established in 1997, Heartwood bows is based in the coastal town of Sedgefield in the Western Cape, South Africa.

Billets and arrows
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Wisdom and The Wooden Bow
The wind whispered gently through the forest. Upon her silky voice she cradled the subtle promise of another summer to come, her unseen hands silently drawing the curtains of a window on the beautiful distant horizon. Aloft, the canopies swayed gently to a rhythm understood only by the birds, as they filled in with a cheerful chorus from the heights of their… >>Wisdom and the wooden bow

Blacky Swartz

BlackySR. Blacky Schwarz

Rainier "Blacky" Schwarz is a self-employed consultant and freelance writer who lives close to Heidelberg, Germany with his wife Danny. The couple shares a passion for the outdoors and bowhunting. Blacky and Danny bowhunt mostly in the US, where they belong to numerous bowhunting organizations including the PBS. Blacky has written many articles for both African Archer and Africa’s Bowhunter. He also writes articles and does bow test for a well-know German magazine. Read more about his tests on his bolg Blacky’s Bowreprots at http://www.bowreportsblog.com.


Dietmar Vorderegger

DietmarVDietmar Vorderegger

Dietmar Vorderegger who publishes 3-D Bogensport and Compound Magazin in Austria. Dietmar is a keen traditional archer and a world champion with the longbow. He is also a keen bow hunter and has hunted many times in South Africa. Dietmar has written many books on traditional archery skill, which are unfortunately only available in German.

Aiming with the traditional bow
In order to really hit a target as planned, certain conditions or influencing factors must be satisfied, writes Dietmar Vorderegger, world champion longbow archer and chief-editor of 3-D Bogensport. In his article he writes about aiming with a traditional bow – focusssing on the factors that effect shooting technique… >>Aiming with the traditional bow

Fritz Rabe

FritzRabeFritz Rabe

Fritz has been bowhunting for the past 28 years and the last 22 years as a Professional Hunter (PH) that specializes in dangerous game. He was the first PH to guide a female bowhunter on a successful lion hunt. He was also the first PH to guide one client successfully for the Big Six and crocodile. He has hunted/guided clients to all the huntable species in South Africa, except the black rhino. He also hunts all over Africa for special trophies like mountain nyala in the Rift Valley of Ethiopia, Lord Derby eland and giant forest hog in the Central African Republic, dwarf buffalo, forest elephant, bongo and forest sitatunga in Cameroon.          

Fritz hunts a lot in the Zambezi Valley of Zimbabwe, the Kafue area of Zambia and the Zambezi flood plain of Mozambique. He is a full member of PHASA (Professional Hunters Association of SA) as well as a SABA (South African Bowhunters Association) instructor. Fritz has also hunted and guided in Canada and Spain.

Secrets of walk-and-stalk hunting: part I
The photo shows a dirty face and clothes, an impala ewe skilfully posed with an arrow positioned strategically and a smile that shows more emotion than joy. This is what most bowhunters dream of. The success of a hunt that ended with an animal that was hunted on foot by using skills that took years to develop and patience beyond what most could master… >> Secrets of walk-and-stalk hunting: part I



Traditionele lang en recurve boë deur Johan vander Merwe. 083 544 7042. Pasmaak vir jou

CUPIDAPRIL09Pierre de Wet
073 151 1992
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Heartwood Bows
Johnny Snyman: Bowyer
• Custom crafted traditional longbows, recurves and youth bows.
• Custom crafted arrows and leather archery accessories
• Custom crafted allwood and sinew-backed bows for purists
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